WE ARE CRAFTING organic mists for YOU - for energizing your mind & body. 

We’ve put together for YOU a potpourri of the finest scents from organic essential oils that come with all kinds of healing traits. For the most part, these are sourced from small farms in Europe are GMO-free, all natural, vegan and cruelty-free. Using only natural ingredients is crucial to us in every aspect.
We are a privately owned company based in Malibu, CA. Our Scent Clouds are crafted in Malibu with LOVE. We hope you like our Scent Clouds as much as we do. 
We use bottles for our products to recycle and recycled boxes for shipping. Our mists are biodegradable, nothing but pure nature.
We have also invented a SCENT CLOUD RITUAL for YOU that comes with every mist. We are really proud of it.
Stand in the middle of the room;_look around you; _be in the now;_spray three times;_close your eyes and;_take one step towards the scent cloud;_feel the tiny water pearls on your body;_take a deep breath;_be enchanted.
"I LOVE scents. They are powerful natural healers and this is exactly what I would like to share with you. I would love for you to experience what scents do to your emotions and how they transform them into a happier state." 
I remember having an affinity with scents since my childhood. Growing up in the centre of Vienna, I missed the fresh smell of flowers and the musky scent of the forest.
One day, I had the idea to grow my own lemon trees on the window shield of my tiny bedroom. A few weeks later, I watched my very first tiny lemon tree become larger and larger in time. One evening, I found a leaf on my floor, which out of curiosity, I tore apart. Suddenly, there was this delicious fresh scent of lemon in the air. For a twelve-year-old, it was pretty exciting. It felt like being on a summer holiday in my favourite place: Italy. I felt light and happy.
My all-time favourite scent is Ylang Ylang. I have been carrying it with me for years, and it helps me through extraordinarily hectic times with my job and personal level. My job as a publisher of an online fashion & art magazine ( ZIP Magazine) and fashion editor and fashion journalist/ writer can be very demanding with my other projects and my family. With my Ylang Ylang scent, I have been sailing through demanding times really well.
Scents help me in an instant with my well being, emotionally and physically. I have been using scents from essential oils in all kind of situations for my kids, family, and friends for many years. In happy times, stressful times and also sad times.
I was very lucky to learn about the healing benefits of plants and scents from an amazing spiritual healer - a woman who dedicated her life to helping others.
I am really thrilled that I can share my experience and knowledge about the healing power of scents with you. It is my wish that YOUR life becomes lighter and more peaceful with all the demands and distractions that await us every day.
With love, 
 Katja Schmolka, Founder and Creator of Scent Clouds