" I LOVE botanical scents."

They are powerful and magical. So I created Scent Clouds for creatives, and people who love life and the enchanting world of scents. 

“ Botanical scents simply make you happy. They ignite your spirit & creativity. And when you are happy—you can make other people happy! I call it collective consciousness, which is powerful and truly transforming. ”

With love, 

Katja Schmolka, Founder and Creator of Scent Clouds


We’ve put together for you a potpourri of the finest scents from organic essential oils that we use in our mists, candles and soaps. Our products are vegan and cruelty-free. Using only natural ingredients is crucial to us in every aspect. Our Scent Clouds are crafted in Malibu with LOVE. We hope you like our Scent Clouds as much as we do. 


We use glass bottles, glass jars and tins for our products. And our packaging consists of recycled boxes. We are proud to work closely with a company based in Louisville, CO who is specialized in sustainable packaging. Our mists, candles and soaps are biodegradable, nothing but pure nature.


We have also invented a SCENT CLOUDS RITUAL for you that comes with every mist. We are really proud of it.


Stand in the middle of the room;_look around you; _be in the now;_spray three times;_close your eyes and;_take one step toward the Scent Cloud.


Intrigued by the magical world of fashion, film, flowers & scents, Vienna’s and New York’s world of Art Deco charm & Los Angeles’ contemporary charm; Katja Schmolka, born and bred in Vienna, has been making her way through these diverse, and vibrant worlds. She established the independent fashion & art magazine ZIP Magazine, founded in New York City, along with her wellness lifestyle brand Scent Clouds—both created for the self-confident woman in charge of her own life, style, self-love, and spirituality.

Following the completion of her studies at the Vienna Institute of Fashion in the Palace of Hetzendorf,  Katja embarked on her journey as a fashion stylist and fashion editor, working for high-profile European women’s and fashion magazines in Vienna, Milan, New York City, and Los Angeles. Through her creative process, Katja takes inspiration from the Zeitgeist, with its simultaneous demands for the creation of beauty, wellbeing, and sustainability.

Katja throughout her career, has styled fashion editorials for TUSH Magazine, Anna Magazine, Diva, Maxima, Wienerin and Swarovski and interviewed the likes of Gabby Reece, Rainer Judd, Ben Stiller, Edward Mapplethorpe, Tommy Hilfiger, and Vladimir Restoin Roitfeld, among others, for ZIP Magazine.

Twenty years ago, after the unexpected loss of her beloved mother, a Shaman Healer in Vienna helped Katja cope using Ylang Ylang essential oils. The love of natural, clean products, and the empowering, enchanting impact of botanical scents inspired Katja to create her own brand: the Scent Clouds line. Mists, soaps, and candles are hand-crafted and combined with intentions—LOVE, PEACE, JOY, COURAGE, and TRUST, among others— the logos painted by her in bold brush strokes. Katja’s favorite crystal—the deep purple Amethyst—is added to all Scent Clouds products and is intended to give an extra boost of magic power. This magic crystal is to be collected or passed on to another soul sister in the spirit of a talisman. Katja Schmolka lives and creates in Malibu, CA.